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The market demanded and Build A Blend responded!

We are excited to offer 15 TEA POWDERS and TEA STICKS that are trending on the market with turnkey solutions for your private label needs! Our powders offer traditional and functional health benefits made easy and accessible for active, healthy lives on the go!

TEA POWDERS and STICKS keep life simple:

  • Convenient on the go solutions for brands customers
  •  Brew and go – no steeping time
  • Easy for travel or at the office – “wherever you go, you can tea” 
  • Only pure ingredients – from harvest to your cup – no fillers, sub-ingredients or curing agents
  • Made to order for your unique brand 
  • Custom blended and formula options include adding probiotics or CBD to any powder. *Coming soon – broad-spectrum CBD with no THC in full Cannabinoid panel…STAY TUNED!






Organic Tea Wholesale

If you are looking for Organic Wholesale Tea, you have come to the right place.

Build A Blend, offers organic wholesale tea, tea powders, tea bags, formulation and packaging.

Simply order online here or contact us for more information for a detailed quote.

Private Label – Click Here

Organic Wholesale Tea Private Label


Starting a tea business is easier than you think.

1) Simply find a reputable supplier like

2) Create an eCommerce Website to sell your new tea. After Dark Grafx is our recommended choice. Simple Shopify Solution for your tea business to get you up and running fast. Tell them you heard about them on BuildABlend for a discount!

3) FIN!