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Build a Blend has been leading the industry and helping brands succeed with the best specialty tea professionals in the industry and global suppliers. Since 2002, we have been developing, supplying, and educating the specialty tea market here and abroad. We provide single source and origin contracts of bulk items; or the creation of specialty blends of tea, herbs, and botanicals for the coffee industry, nutraceutical chains, national chains, natural food stores and chains all the way to start ups. We manufacture to your need, standard, price point, and packaging. By partnering with the best in the industry, we are able to give you a turnkey product – in both packaging and design.

What is unique: Build your own blend using our base teas or herbs, add in value additions of same or different flavor or function, then a locally sourced ingredient from you to create a tea unique to no other.

What makes Build a Blend different? When you create a blend in large manufacturing with several flavorings, they can all be masked and not accented. Large batch manufactured blends are (of course) still good – but using blended ingredients individually flavored will give you an edge over your competition for the best blends. If you would like to create a blend unique to you, order the ingredients (premix) with flavorings added to each ingredient. We blend to order each ingredient with its flavoring done at the time of order. Then create your recipe (use our commercial calculation formula) and blend together (postmix) for a flavor that NO major brand in N.A. can give if standardly manufactured.

For Example:

If you wanted a Vanilla/Chocolate Black tea – the flavoring of vanilla and chocolate are both blended into manufacturing at the same time. By ordering each ingredient separately on Build a Blend – you are in control of the flavoring ratio of the chocolate and vanilla by having the premixed teas sent to you to create your own post mixed tea blend that has “marinated” and sat. The plus side – you do not to hold as much inventory of flavorings and teas. The chocolate is added to your cacao nibs and your base tea for maximum flavoring. Then you can add vanilla flavored flower petals for balance and accent. Go unique for a blend that cannot be matched. OR – just order one of our herbal flavored to blends and add to your from-origin sourced tea.


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