What if I create a runaway success?

6th Jun 2017

You need not worry – we’ll work with you to plan for scale and success in the beginning.  For example, let’s say you need to “contract” to help plan your blend – this would usually be 500 lbs and over, depending on ingredients. In the formulation portion of your blend creation, you’ll want to think about some important factors BEFORE you create your blend:

  1. The more ingredients – the higher the chance for an ingredient not to be in season or a problem to scale > try to understand the seasonality of these ingredients, or their ability to scale. Remember we work with plants that have seasons and come from the ground, and some are imported.
  2. Try to keep ingredients to under 6 components, if you can. Working with our experts helps, although we all can only do our best in predicting market availability and timing.
  3. Consider using our Consulting services. What will be your final unit – what channel? What is your price point target per unit? What is taste? Function? What certifications will it need? (Of course, this is a great problem to have and no one has the crystal ball to source and plan perfectly – so financing may be critical for you to stock ahead.)
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