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Our selection of loose leaf teas allow you to purchase tea in bulk or to have us create the custom tea blend for you.

We are your Loose Leaf Tea Source from seed to cup. We offer the most up to date trends in teas and herbal tea blends.


It’s Easy.
Just Shop our Raw Tea Ingredients Here. 

If you need a variety of raw tea ingredients and you do not see what you need on this website, please contact us as we can either source the tea for you or may have additional raw tea ingredients in our warehouse that are not currently on our website.

Buying raw, loose leaf tea will save you money when buying in bulk.

If you are in need of Pyramid Tea Bags (sachets) for your tea, please contact us. And, if needed, we offer tea packaging and co-packing services from consulting to design to finished product.


Buy Loose Leaf Tea Ingredients in Bulk and Save!

Interested in a Tea Sample Pack to get you started? Click Here


 Build a Blend creates tea recipes for both major and small brands.
We take into consideration your brand, needs, and priorities as we work with you to create your perfect custom tea blend.

Don’t know where to start?
Contact Us  OR CALL: (714) 234-8546