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The butterfly pea flower is a native from Thailand where it is called Dok Anchan (Latin name is clitoria ternatia). It grows on a vine producing bountiful crops of delicate blue and purple flowers which are typically dried.

The dried flowers are used in Thailand as an herbal ingredient to
many foods (such as rice and desserts) and in drinks.


The flowers have a neutral taste and very mild aroma kind of like peas. In some preparations, there is no evidence of taste or aroma just the pure blue or purple color.

We offer Wholesale Butterfly Pea Flower Tea, Offer Butterfly Pea Flower in Bulk Tea as well as offer expert tea consulting for butterfly pea flower along with starting your own tea business and creating your own private label. From sourcing to packaging, we do it all.

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Don’t Know Where to Begin?

We want to work with you on creating your custom blend, a formulation review, sourcing or any other tea-related business request. We work with clients of all sizes and bring 20 years of tea industry expertise.

To start a custom blend or other consulting project we ask that you leave a $350 deposit, which will be applied in full to your future order. This deposit helps us prioritize your request and deliver the best quality service to our customers.

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