Custom Blend Creation / Consulting Deposit or Fees


We want to work with you on creating your custom blend, a formulation review, sourcing or any other tea-related business request. We work with clients of all sizes and bring 20 years of tea industry expertise.

To start a custom blend or other consulting project we ask that you leave a $350 deposit, which will be applied in full to your future order. This deposit helps us prioritize your request and deliver the best quality service to our customers.

  • Please add the deposit to your cart and checkout.
  • If relevant, you should also fill out one of our forms found under FORMULATE, PRIVATE LABEL TEA, or CONTACT.
  • We will then be in touch within 1-2 business days to discuss your custom blend or consulting needs in detail.


Thank you for your interest in custom blends and/or final packaging product needs.  The process is pretty simple. The cost for Custom Tea Blend is $350 to $1500 per your custom blend depending on the complexity and scope of the project and  how many blend/s. This is for commonly sourced ingredients. 

For custom development using your farmed ingredients or unique ingredients – Product Development starts at $5000 per blend / sku / recipe.

Here is what the process looks like: 

  •       Determine the scope of blend work (ingredients, function, formats, flavor profile, need, etc.)
  •       Invoice sent to you for payment for development (or pay here as a deposit to get in queue and started right away)
  •       You fill out Project Form 
  •       Ingredients sourced (if not stocked)
  •       Samples Received
  •       Blends developed
  •       2-4 oz sample sent to you for approval
  •       1 round of adjustments included, with additional 2-4 oz sample
  •       Additional rounds/revisions $150 per round
  •       Once approved you own the formulation and we will then work to get a manufactured cost for the blend and packaging if needed (1-3 quotes can be provided)
  •       Bulk Tea MOQ is 25 lbs to 200lbs per blend depending on ingredients and scope
  •       We then manufacture at best facility for your project and supervise the process the first blend to ensure there are no issues with the first production run (depending on your certification needs, budget, or which side of the country is best)

 Note: Sample shipping will be billed additionally – a final bill will be sent to you for sample shipping, if you do not have a UPS / Fedex account for us to use – it will be sent USPS and billed later to you.

We can chat for 15 minute free consult to get started. 

We also offer Kcup, Powders, and Stick Packs formulations as well.