Label Review and Guidance -Regulatory Support


Regulatory Label Review and Guidance for your Brand Packaging – hire us to consult and review 

Label Review and Guidance.  Includes review of one product set of labels (front, back, sides, outer and inner as applicable)

We will email you a Job Agreement and be in touch within 24-48 hours to discuss your project and label review. 



  • Label Review and Guidance
  • Includes review of one product set of labels (front, back, sides, outer and inner as applicable) 
  • USA guidelines used for reference include FD&C Act CFR 101 & FALCPA 2004 Title II of Public Law 108-282
  • Does not include graphic design work or writing marketing elements (i.e. tea descriptions, or poetic marketing copy)
  • Includes Red, Yellow, Green notation for any health and fitness references. Red meaning FDA will have an issue, Yellow means caution FDA may have an issue, Green means there should be no issue with the FDA under normal circumstances
  • This will give you a good template to work off from for all future additions to this type of packaging. 
  • Though nutritional panels are not required for tea, if you would like to have them on this package, we can assist in the creation of them assuming you have the numbers. If you need to have the numbers calculated, we can refer you to services that specialize in this field. We do not determine nutritional panel details. 
  • Because requirements can change, the review is based on current regulations.
  • The review is for US packaging only and does not cover any requirements for international sale in other countries. 

WORKFLOW: The Company and Agent agree to the below workflow for each assigned job.

  • Receive hard copies or digital proofs of current design
  • If no design, we will supply required elements and location on package
  • Review design and send written report with changes, missing items, and any issues
  • Call with interested parties
  • Review of final approved design




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