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Yes! Call me to discuss my Private Labelling or Custom Needs Formulate


This deposit gets your project in the queue to talk to us quickly. It will apply to consulting, formulating, and co-packing quotes. Out of hundreds of inquiries per day in this new market the deposit gets you in the queue..

General Formulation Processes:

  1. This deposit can apply to general discussion of your Private Label options and apply to any teas we already supply and are not custom. We have hundreds of teas and blends to choose from. Consider using house blends and teas quoted to suit your project.
  2. The cost for Custom Tea Blend Formulation is $350 to $1500 per your custom blend depending on the complexity and scope of the project and how many blend/s. This is for commonly sourced ingredients.
  3. For powders granulated / pelletized with raw ingredients, R&D starts at $3000.
  4. For custom development using your farmed ingredients or unique ingredients – Product Development starts at $5000 per blend / SKU / recipe.
  5. Please add the deposit to your cart and checkout.
  6. We will then be in touch within 1-2 business days to discuss your custom blend or consulting needs in detail.

Here is a list of some of the ingredients we source (but not limited to!) – Click here – PDF

This deposit can also apply to our hourly general discussion rate for Industry information. Subject to the privacy of our brands and current non-disclosure agreements, of course. 

We are all about long term business relationships. If this deposit doesn’t work out, and no work has been done, we discover we are not a fit –  it is refundable – minus a 15% administration fee. We can determine this is a 15 minute call.




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