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Elevate Wellness with Turnkey Solutions, Nourishing Your Customers’ Needs

Introducing Wellness Blends across every enriching category—your pathway to nurturing holistic wellness through seamless turnkey solutions. Our distinguished 2lb Wellness Blend Teas, renowned among the world’s best, are now accessible in effortlessly customizable, white-label-ready packaging. Empower your business with the very essence of wellness, encased in each 2lb bag, poised to captivate your customers.

Uncover the pinnacle of nourishing wellness and convenience, enriching the gut biome one herb at a time. Embark on a journey with our highly sought-after 2lb Wellness Blend Teas today, and elevate your offerings to an unparalleled level of fulfillment.

Sample Pack – Wellness Blends

This Sample Pack is a great way to taste a variety of our wellness teas! We will select 20 to 22 samples, 1 oz samples of each, of our wellness blends for you to try. If you would like individual samples of specific teas, click here and select your tea and order samples.

Tea Sample Pack Build a Blend

Rest / Sleep


Immunity / Adaptogenic Boosts

Energy / Caffeinated / Alert

Fitness / Slimming


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