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You will find everything you need on this page for help with your Brand and Branding. Need a label review? Art and logo design? Custom blending formulas? It’s all here! 

Look no further for cGMP’s and COA / lab results for your brand and shipping into Amazon.  

Custom Formulation & Private Label

​​Leverage our 20 years plus experience in helping you navigate all of your sourcing, designing, and packaging your blends of teas for your brand.  From formulation to drop shipping we will design a process with solutions for you. You can decide what is best for your business needs. Choose from one of the solutions below, but either will get you there.


If you need your label reviewed, or help with Organic or other regulatory paperwork – we can help!  Label review prior to printing your packaging is highly recommended and adds peace of mind for our customers. Don’t have time to do it all? Contract us to help with your regulatory needs.

General Consultations & Education

If you are very new to tea and need some time and guidance we can help you get started. Our consultations are for new customers that need help navigating the industry and marketing companies that are looking for industry information. Our minimum fee is $350. This fee will cover consultations at $150 per hour (min 1 hour). Any additional funds from the $350 fee can be rolled into our services.

We also offer videos for our customers – Educational training videos are available to rent here.


You have a logo, but need your label designed. Or you need a logo too. And a website! We are here for you, with as little or as much as you need.

Contract Growing

COMING SOON. If you are an established grower in North America, certified organic and or regenerative, contact us, and let’s set a meeting to see if you can be onboarded to grow for us.