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Transform Your Idea into a Market-Ready Brand

Before you get started with Tea Co-Packing, gather the following:

  • Any qualifications and paperwork related to your product
  • All specifications (spec sheets) for your product
  • Your target price, so that we can get you a competitive bid
  • Any packaging deadlines or key dates.

Don’t have a product yet? We can help with Private Label and Custom Formulation. Need an expert review of your label or packaging? Label Review and Guidance link is here. 



If you are using our package and label supply printers, please contact them to choose a bag/package or label style/type then email us which one you chose so that we can create the designs according to the printer’s recommended sizing. We will need to know what type of label or package you will be using as well as the exact size for the print area.




Obtain the package and label type and all size requirements from the package or label printing company that you are dealing with. Be sure to obtain the exact size for the print area.

Each printer will have a template or die-cut template to be used for their system. You can tell them that you will need the correct template for the designer. Email us all this information.

You can also choose a package or label type then remit the contact information for the company and we can obtain the correct sizing for the design.


Once you have chosen your package/label size, we will contact you to go over the design. It is best to collect some examples you like in advance of our discussion so that we can be on the same page along the lines of the desired design, colors, fonts, and so forth. This cuts down on a significant amount of back and forth, saving time and money.


Once we create the design(s). We will remit them for you to review. Please share comments and feedback in a timely manner and we’ll make adjustments and proceed. Once you give us the final approval on the design we’ll provide you with the final files for your project and you can proceed to STEP 3.



If you are remitting artwork, please be sure that it is at least 300 DPI (600 DPI preferred) and the color mode CMYK. Please also be sure that the artwork follows the template and sizing provided by the packaging/label print company.

Along with the original artwork, please remit the following:

a) A JPG of the artwork so we can see how it is intended to be viewed in the event that there is font substitution that alters the original design.

b) A PDF of the artwork so that we can easily copy the text from the document. In the event that the PDF is a full image we will not be able to do so and will need to use the original artwork. If we cannot use the original artwork, we will require that you send the text to be used for the project in an email as “text” so that we can copy and paste the text.

c) Any FONTS used in your design. Although we have thousands of fonts on hand, we cannot guarantee we will have the font that you used for your design. In the event that we do not have your font, when we open your original file, fonts will be substituted with the closest match.

If you are unable to send the fonts, please indicate what they are and we will do our best to use the same font OR if we need to purchase a font for your project, we will let you know then add it to your invoice.

d) ORIGINAL ARTWORK – If you are remitting original artwork, we only accept files in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

We do not accept In Design files or other programs as we cannot guarantee the quality of the final product. Do not send Word, Word Perfect, or other files as they will be rejected.

A Note on Placed Images in Artwork:  We will review your original files. If there are issues with placed art, fonts, or anything else wrong with the file, we will let you know and let you fix the files before remission. Otherwise, there may be an additional charge to “FIX” your files.  Always work with a good designer and someone who is well versed in “print-ready” artwork.


Once we have your artwork and it is approved for editing, we will make adjustments as indicated per our recommendations as well as include any claims for the product (ie: Organic, USDA, etc).

We will remit the edited designs to you for final review. Once you give us the final approval on the design we will provide you with the final files for your project and you can proceed to STEP 3.



Typically, you will forward your final artwork to the company that will be printing the packaging/labels for you. If you are using our packaging/label company, we only need your ok to proceed with remitting the artwork to them so that they can start the process with your order. You will then contact them directly to pay for your packaging/labels.


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