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Tell your customers that you, as all of us, are forever students of tea. And of course, stewards of this world and land and forever. We sure would like to help you get started on your tea journey and add to your ever growing search for tea and herb business knowledge. Drop us a line on what you would like to learn next. Build a Blend has partnered with Being Tea – an education-focused business offering interactive online learning. We are committed to helping you grow in your tea business knowledge. 

Current lessons:

Tea 101

In this course, we explore the essential categories of tea, where tea comes from, how it differs from herbals, how it’s grown / made, and foundational brewing principles. Also includes a brief intro to blends and how tea supports other ingredients of a blend. Features base teas used by Build A Blend, which you could request as samples or bring your own loose-leaf teas to class. 

Intro to Professional Cupping

Learning how to cup tea is truly one of the best skills that any tea pro can learn. It teaches you how to explore with intent, how to ask questions with more direction, and how to connect your acquired tea knowledge over time. In this class, you’ll explore the cupping method in real time and understand how learning to taste – in a critical, focused way – benefits your tea business operations. 


Sooz is an award-winning educator, professional tea skills trainer, certified trauma-informed meditation teacher, and tea contemplative practitioner with nearly 20 years of teaching and training experience.