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Here at Build a Blend we are all about longterm business relationships.

Whether we are creating a custom blend formulation, sourcing ingredients, co packing, using your label on our wellness blends or any one of our other services, our goal is to work with you and scale your brand for success!

Look no further for cGMP’s and COA / lab results for your brand and shipping into Amazon.  

We can also competitively quote your drop shipping and fulfillment needs for teas and your other existing products.



Here are some industries and channels we work with:

Restaurant Industry and Food Service

  • Tea Blend Manufacturing
  • Tea Blend Packaging
  • Beer Ingredients or Brewing / Infusion Ingredients
  • Restaurant Service Teas – iced and hot
  • Quick Service Teas – in Pyramid Tea Bags (PTB) and Filter Bags or Tear and Pour
  • Eco Tea Bags
  • Bag in Box (BIB)
  • R&D and / or Blend Matching (reverse engineering of tea blends)
  • Custom Blends
  • Specialty Loose Leaf Teas
  • Single Serve Blends (like k cup)

Brands / Private Label / White Label

  • Granulation and Pelletizing
  • Iced Tea Blends
  • Bulk & Specialty Loose Leaf Tea
  • Custom Blends
  • Herbal and Botanical Tea Blends
  • Single Origin Teas and Blends
  • Sachet / Pyramid Tea Bag (PTB)
  • Traditional Tea Blends
  • Soluble Powders
    • Stick Pack with or without Probiotic
    • Ganeden Probiotic BC30 (4%) ing
    • ST6 Flower Pollen (Supports hair, skin and nails)
    • Collagen (Support skin and nails NOT vegan comes from bovine
  • Anti-Caking Agent (2%) (Supports hair, skin, nails, teeth. It is natural sea collagen)
  • Matching Blends (reverse engineering of tea blends)

Wellness / Immunity / Tonic Blends

  • Functional Tea Blends
  • Adaptogen / Adaptogenic
  • Weight Loss Teas
  • Wellness Teas
  • Pretox and Detox Teas

Ingredients and Sourcing

  • Beer Ingredients
  • Infusions
  • Beverage Manufacturing
  • Kombucha tea / bases
  • Brewing
  • Mixology
  • Cold Brew
  • RTD
  • Single-origin teas

Trending Blends

  • Teas for Boba Shops
  • Functional Tea Blends
  • Flavored Bulk Teas
  • Cold Brew
  • Nitro Brew / Nitro Tea
  • Vegan
  • RTD blends and ingredients
  • Kombucha Tea Base
  • Single Serve Blends (like k cup)

 Contact us to do a menu review and consult on your Tea Menu. Perfect for Cosmetic Brands, Wellness Brands, Personal Brands, Boba Bars, Juice Bars, Wellness lines, Nutraceutical Brands, Pretox or Detox lines, Private label companies, Brewers, Supplement Brands, Mixologists, Tea Houses and more.

Ways To
Get Started

  • Take a look out our Wellness Blends or growing list of Raw Ingredients. We always recommend starting with some samples!
  • Want to create your own Custom Blend Formulation? We can help!
  • Explore our Private Label and White Label services.
  • Have a product but need help with packaging? Click here for Copacking.
  • Work with our network of farmers here in the US and abroad for your Sourcing & Contract Growing needs.
  • Have an existing blend you need to recreate? Our Tea Experts can help with Product Matching!
  • Work with our network of industry experts for regulatory, design, and general eduction guidance. Click here to see how we can help!
  • Learn how to expand your business and industry knowledge with our Being Tea – Tea Education, Training & Expression

Let us help to scale your brand for success!

 CALL: (714) 234-8546 OR Contact Us for more information!