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Whether you are using any of our many Wellness Blends or a Build a Blend Custom Formulation, White Labeling is a great option if you need a simple, straight-forward label. 

Build a Blend has an emphasis in Wellness and Organic turnkey solutions for your brand. You can order today to ship into your facility to white label and pack into your brand. 

We offer the following solutions and the video below will walk you through some options on how to use our website. 



Sample Pack ORDER NOW
Start with sampling  and choosing your Wellness Teas.
You should also cross reference and refer to this link (note there are two tabs) to see all ingredients and specifics, as well as regular teas and other catalog blend. 


Our Wellness Blends are packed and ready for you to order in bulk:

2 lb 25 lbs  – 5000 sachets in bulk – 10k sachets in bulk

If you are interested in hiring us to White Label these with your Black and White Label or assisting you in customizing your Private Label for your brand – please get started here.   You can find more info on MOQ’s and How to Start HERE: 


Don’t know where to start? CALL: (714) 234-8546 OR Contact Us for more information

We are all about long-term business relationships. We build your formulation and sourcing to scale and grow with your brand. If the project doesn’t work out, and no work has been done, then the deposit is refundable (minus a 15% administration fee if applicable). We offer a 15-minute free consult to get started and can determine then if we are the right fit.