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Intercontinental US shipments are shipped via Fed Ex for Ground or LTL.

For shipments out of Continental US and out of the Country: Pay and Check out then please forward your paperwork requirements to

We ready your shipment and your company handles the pick up and delivery;

For instance: AU it is usually only a Declaration Statement. Check with your carrier / freight forwarder and customs for all details and documents needed, and put those on the details to us in check out. Special paperwork requirements or permits may be additional fees, we will discuss prior to shipping for your approval first.


We use our accounts with carriers to arrange shipment for orders out of our warehouse. Customers can request a specific carrier, request to make their own shipping arrangements, request for us to use their carrier accounts.


Customers, barring any exceptions, can expect their orders to ship within 72 hours of being confirmed and paid for. (Covid conditions are running 7-10 days for bulk and 2-6 weeks for co packing)


Rush Fees

Subject to quoting/project. Minimum of $250.