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Welcome to our Tea Sachets – Ready to Label

Choose from 5k to 50k Sachets.
We can ship directly to you or to your approved warehouse

Packed in bulk boxes, or for an additional fee 50 count white label foil pouches. 


Embrace Timeless Classics – in a turnkey solution for Cafe’s, Spas, White Labels, and Brands to name a few. Experience the Elegance of Tradition, Simplified Traditional Tea Favorites,” a journey into the heart of classic teas made effortless. Indulge in the rich flavors of time-honored blends, carefully enclosed in user-friendly sachets. Elevate your tea experience with the harmonious marriage of tradition and convenience.

Shop Teas for Cafe’s – Teas for Day Spas – Teas for Restaurants – Teas for Food Trucks and more below. We are your bulk wholesale tea supplier. Need a custom blend?

Packed in bulk boxes, or for an additional fee we can pack 50 count white label foil pouches. 



Elevate Your Wellness Offerings with Wellness Blends in Sachets

Welcome to “Sachet Nourishing,” where your customers’ wellbeing takes center stage. Presenting our meticulously crafted collection of soothing Wellness Tea Blends, thoughtfully enclosed in exquisite sachets. Each blend is a harmonious symphony of nature’s finest ingredients, designed to nurture both body and soul. Elevate the wellness journey for your customers, one sip at a time.

Explore the realm of serenity and rejuvenation with our Sachet Nourishing: Wellness Tea Blends today, and offer your clientele an experience that truly nourishes.

Packed in bulk boxes, or additional fee for 50 count white label foil pouches. 

Rest / Sleep Tea Sachets

Cleanse Tea Sachets

Immunity / Adaptogenic Tea Sachets

Teas for Energy / Caffeinated Teas / Teas for Alertness / 

Fitness / Slimming Tea Sachets

Sample Pack – Wellness Blends

This Sample Pack is a great way to taste a variety of our wellness teas! We will select 20 to 22 samples, 1 oz samples of each, of our wellness blends for you to try. If you would like individual samples of specific teas, click here and select your tea and order samples.

Tea Sample Pack Build a Blend

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