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Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision:

Build a Blend will be a leading business-to-business (B2B) provider of services that stimulate Redemptive Entrepreneurship in the Natural Product and Wellness space.

Our Mission:

Build a Blend exists to steward and accelerate a natural product and wellness ecosystem that builds connections and communities, enriching people and the planet. 

Leading the industry since 2002:

Since 2002, Build a Blend has led the industry helping brands succeed with the top specialty tea professionals and global suppliers. We develop, supply, and educate the specialty tea market in the US and abroad. We provide single-source and origin contracts of bulk items, and the creation of specialty blends of tea, herbs, and botanicals for the coffee industry, nutraceutical chains, national chains, natural food stores, and startups. We manufacture to your need, standard, price point, and packaging.

Our Sustainability Commitment:

We are committed supporters of the National Forest Foundation (NFF) and its campaign to plant trees domestically. We work with farms across the country on a shared goal of regenerative agriculture to reverse climate change by rebuilding organic matter and restoring soil biodiversity.