Blog: What’s New and Happening at BAB



9th Oct 2019

  The market demanded and Build A Blend responded! We are excited to offer 15 TEA POWDERS and TEA STICKS that are trending on the market with...MORE

Organic Tea Wholesale

26th Jul 2019

If you are looking for Organic Wholesale Tea, you have come to the right place. Build A Blend, offers organic wholesale tea, tea powders, tea bags, formulation...MORE

What’s all the Buzz about Kombucha Tea?

11th May 2018

By Mackenzie Hintz Picture Credits: My New Roots Kombucha (kawm-boo-chah) There’s a buzz around the topic of Kombucha, a bubbly fermented tea beverage loaded with probiotics that promotes...MORE

Buy Loose Leaf Tea for Wholesale

21st Mar 2018

Buy Loose Leaf Tea for Wholesale, Resale or Distribution If you are interested in buying direct from best tea experts in the business, look no further! Contact...MORE

Increasing Your Tea Sales With These Sales Promotion Ideas

7th Mar 2018

Some of the most challenging AND exciting things about owning and operating a business is drumming up new business promotional ideas.  We here at Build a Blend...MORE

Jade and Jo

21st Jun 2017

Coming Soon...MORE