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Buy Loose Leaf Tea for Wholesale

Buy Loose Leaf Tea for Wholesale, Resale or Distribution

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There are so many benefits of tea. Our favorite is the tried and true organic green tea. Green Tea benefits are touted online and more information about this amazing tea can be found here.

Increasing Your Tea Sales With These Sales Promotion Ideas

Some of the most challenging AND exciting things about owning and operating a business is drumming up new business promotional ideas.  We here at Build a Blend are committed to posting some of our ideas and recipes, simple and sometimes in bullet format, to help awaken and drive the creative side in promoting your tea program.  It is always great to highlight teas that are appropriate for you to showcase in your stores or business, according to your local taste, weather, and events. The idea here is to help us all to discuss marketing ideas to collectively drive the sales in Specialty Tea. After All, seasonal and limited time offers (LTO) are known to drive sales year after year. Perhaps it is time to consider adding a LTO and a couple of suggested bulleted items:


  • Elect a team member on your staff to take a picture that embodies ideas below and post on your Social Media pages at least two per week
  • Offer a code on your post for an instore or online discount or freebie
  • Take two (or more)  teas and recommend blending them together for a new recipe (I call this the Jelly Belly effect). For example:  Vanilla Black goes GREAT in balancing ANY of your other black tea blends. I call this POST blending. Vanilla and Jasmine Green Tea and Earl Grey – top notch amazing blend. Steep this, pour it over ice, add milk. Amazing. Try putting it in a Soda Stream for a fabulous tea soda.  Lychee jelly (nata de coco) or any honey or boba sweetener makes this a sophisticated and fun iced tea.
  • Try cross promoting your teas with your local Chocolate or Cheese store and working on a tea pairing menu with their menu. Promote any info, menus, on social media, online, and create a Press Release to send out about your cross promotion and co-mingling effort
  • Ask your staff what customers have been asking for and try that
  • Delegate, delegate, delegate – do what you are good at and hand the rest over to your amazing staff members. Trust that they have your best interest and ask them to possess eyes of ownership when running with their ideas
  • Yes we sell many teas that are popular, but what will be popular for you is truly what you and your staff love and talk about. Ask your most passionate employee to create a recipe.
  • Every month is health month. Every month can be a dessert tea month. Feature teas and elixir promotions on these two things thoughts: We all want to be healthier – and tea is the perfect way to replace a soda, coffee, or sweet tooth habit
  • Make “wine note” cards about the teas you are selling – everyone loves a story and descriptions. It will also help train your staff.
  • Create a Local Restaurant wholesale program. You have worked hard on your brand. It is time for another revenue stream. Offer hot and iced tea programs. Make it a “Support Local or Buy Local” effort / campaign
  • Sponsor a local charity event and sell iced teas and donate a percentage to the cause. If you REALLY want to sell a lot – consider adding value additions to the bottom such as jelly (nata de coco), boba, or popping juice balls — don’t forget this wide straws! Sell the jelly in small jars, your teas, hand out bogo coupons, etc at the event
  • We don’t believe in competition, we believe there is enough business for everyone: so let’s put your logo and link on our website at the bottom of and you can put ours on yours, if it makes sense for your business: email info to


We would love to hear from you:  What is your favorite promotional campaign, cross promotion, national or local campaign that was successful for you?  What are your recipe ideas? Email