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Petali Teas

Our day begins with a list of teas to compose…a combination of retail and wholesale orders that just came in. We have over 300 recipes that our founder, Joy Wujek, has developed, inspired by desserts, ingredients, tea traditions and customer/staff suggestions.

Petali Teas is handcrafted- no machines are used to produce the tea blends- The style is artisan, using full leaves, fruits, nuts, barks, roots, flower petals, yerba mate, rooibos and a myriad of tea shapes, sizes and varieties. Our flavorings and essences are the best quality available so each cup is a delicious experience.

Joy has been on a lifelong journey learning about plants and tea customs. She loves hiking through forest, fields, deserts and learning about biomes and symbiotic relationships in nature.

Her gardens burst with flowers and herbs and delights in the help that she gets from her chickens who keep weeds and pests under control.


Cannabis cultivation goes back some 12,000 years, making it one of humanity’s oldest crops. It’s believed to have first grown wild in Central Asia, (now Mongolia and Siberia). Humans quickly figured out that drying it, smoking it, wearing it and weaving it was a really good idea, so they began to cultivate crops.