Industry Updates…Buy Domestically, Contract Grow, and Buy Long

Oat Straw

Now is a great time to have a partner in contract growing and a wide source of suppliers to help you with your supply chain. 

We are encouraging our customers to Buy Long:

If you can, we advise you also to buy long. This year has been a hard year for sourcing, and we are only seeing it getting worse. Companies are planning their holiday productions earlier this year, and stocks are drying up faster than the product can come in. Larger companies are shoring up their stocks by buying everything they can get their hands on. We are also seeing blind price increases and erratic pricing happening daily. Price quotes are lasting only 24 hours as supply can be gone in less time than that. We are telling everyone we work with to buy long if you can afford it, buy enough supply to last you into Jan/Feb. Especially your staple ingredients. The more common ingredients are disappearing fast; some of our clients are forced to buy from alternate sources at much higher prices. We are also recommending you place orders for back-ordered items to secure your stock when something does come in. We have seen products sell out in minutes once back in stock due to pre-purchases and a run on the ingredient once arrived. Don’t let your margins erode during the holiday season. Order today! If we can help you find something, let us know. We are here to help.

Plan to grow (literally) with us! 

Oat Straw

Spot buying has always had its pitfalls but even more in recent years.
· Here are some of the down sides to ‘spot buying’
o Is the material available at all?
o Will the quantity you need be available?
o Will the quality meet your specifications?
o. If not, too late to adjust since already harvested and stocked?
o You are at the mercy of the market prices for that particular ‘herb/botanical’ at that particular ‘price’ which is usually higher?
o Spot buying is becoming more something of the past for many herbs/botanicals because suppliers are not willing to produce & stock?

· Here are some of the advantages of contracting/ contract growing
o. Supporting domestically grown farming (therfoer better carbon footprint), farm direct, biodiversity, tracablity and more. Help us grow our network
o The material will be available when you need it -ideally you are planning the seasonality and working with our farms
o The quantity will be provided when you need it
o The quality and specifications will be as requested in the beginning of the process
o We know what it takes to grow and produce each species so parameters are met
o The price is predetermined so you can budget and do not have to spend valuable time shopping around
o Contract growing will minimize shortages and rejections and OOS situations and the many headaches that go along with them
o Let us help make your job easier

Order today! If we can help you find something, let us know. We are here to help. Email Click here to see currently growing items to book!

Here is a list of our items we supply and contract grow in CA: (make sure to check ALL TABS on this live doc)