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Trend sharing from where I sit: Less camellia, more botanicals. More and more genuine care and concern for the story – the traceability, the health of the soil, plants, and people = planet. Will consumers pay the premium for that story? That is where we all need to ban together and educate for the long haul. It is ironic, I know. My company Eco Hub Inc, DBA Build a Blend and Ingredient Hub are on the path of telling that story, growing more domestically, and having that seed to cup process – with regenerative and restorative practices.

Personal brands – business has changed. The major company competition more and more is your local trusted expert – and their personal brand.

However, I also do know that there are some quick (and dirty) huge sales in ingredients and iced teas. Getting cleaner teas and botanicals and iced teas…that is going to be work. I see consumers actually caring about a good tea lately and speaking up! Distributors – you need to jump on that! We need to partner together for that supply chain – back to the farm – support. $$ Let’s invest together for quality and care.

Cheers, Friends!

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