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We are your Bulk Wholesale Tea Source and Supplier for the most up to date trends in teas and herbal tea blends.

We Formulate and offer R&D services for Custom Wholesale Tea Blends for all types of business needs.

Adaptogens, Nootropic blends, High Caffeine Blends, and Terps / Terpene enhancements are trending and on our lab table for CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT. Make your deposit to get started.

 We create tea recipes for both major and small brands. We take into consideration your brand, needs, and priorities as we work with you to create your perfect personalised custom tea blend. If you want to Build a Blend and recipe formulation of your own here’s how:
  1. Determine if custom blend (vs existing off the shelf blends) is best for you and how you will package your product
  2. Add a deposit below to your cart and checkout Make a Deposit >> , or for bulk recipes 
  3. Once you pay the deposit, we will email you a Project Form and Job Agreement
  4. We will be in touch within 1-2 business days to discuss your custom blend or consulting needs in detail

We are all about long-term business relationships. We build your formulation and sourcing to scale and grow with your brand. If the project doesn’t work out, and no work has been done, then the deposit is refundable (minus a 15% administration fee if applicable). We offer a 15-minute free consult to get started and make sure we are on the right path to brand success. 

General Formulation Processes:

  • Determine the scope of blend work (ingredients, function, formats, flavor profile, need, etc.)
  • Live invoice is sent to you for payment (less the deposit amount)
  • Ingredients are sourced (if not stocked)
  • Samples received
  • Blends developed
  • 1- 4 oz sample is sent to you for approval. Sample shipping will be billed additionally – a final bill will be sent to you for sample shipping
  • 1 round of adjustments included, with an additional 4 oz sample
  • Additional rounds/revisions $150 per round
  • Once approved, we will work to get a manufactured cost for the blend and packaging if needed (1-3 quotes can be provided)
  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 50 lbs or 10,000 sachet for a custom blend. For rare ingredients, MOQ ranges from 50 to 200 lbs.
  • If you do not meet our MOQ’s of 1000 units for finished good (pouches)  we then ship the tea to manufacture at the best facility for your project and supervise the process or refer you out – whichever is best (depending on your certification needs, budget, or which side of the country is best)

We offer ingredients in organic, conventional, fair trade, kosher, and are passionate about partnering with those that desire to take work toward sourcing that helps People and Planet. We continue to work on bettering our practices on Triple Bottom Line every day. 


Don’t know where to start?
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