Commercial Bulk Custom Tea Formulation and Blend Development

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Commercial Bulk Custom Tea Formulation and Blend Development



Commercial bulk multi-recipe development. Your company owns the recipes. 

*Minimum quantity of 4 custom blends required for special offer price. Contact Us with any questions

Size QTY
Multi Development Custom Blends (each) - $350.00

$350 per blend for 4 or more blends. Let’s Design your entire line of tea blends. 

Formulation / Blend Development / Blend Matching for Manufactured Loose Leaf Teas or Sachets, Tea Bags/TBC, Iced Teas, Commercial Iced Teas and more.

Commercial Account Development Bulk Rate.  

Your company owns the recipes. We offer discounted pricing based on the number of recipes you buy.

MOQ is 25lbs – 50 lbs per blend, once approved, depending on ingredients. We will price out the entire finished goods once receives are approved. 

Click here for information about the development process.



These fees are for Custom Formulation / Blend Development for recipes readied for Manufacturing. The total development cost will depend on the scope and complexity of your ingredients and total project. This includes blend matching of your existing recipe or reverse engineering of a blend you need matched. 


  1. Deposit
  2. Meeting to review blends
  3. Samples sent to us / you for review / match
  4. Scope of Work sent to you to sign off on
  5. Materials ordered (if not in the lab)

Click here for information about the development process.