Butterfly Pea Flower – Blue Matcha

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Butterfly Pea Flower – Blue Matcha



Size QTY
Sample 1oz - $7.50
6oz (6 x 1oz Tins) - $119.70
2.2lb Bag - $150.00
13.2lbs (6 x 2.2lb Bags) - $850.00

The butterfly pea flower is native from Thailand where it is called Dok Anchan (Latin name is clitoria ternatia). It grows on a vine producing bountiful crops of delicate blue and purple flowers which are typically dried. The dried flowers are used in Thailand as an herbal ingredient to many foods (such as rice and desserts) and in drinks.

Made from super fine milling of only the blue petals* of butterfly pea flowers. Stronger color = less required as an ingredient.
*not green base like other companies

Shaker tin will last for many years and helps for even dispersion of matcha across applications.
Farm direct local supply operation in North America – we are hoping to help this farm get its organic certification in the next year.
HACCP and kosher certified, consistent, reliable, clean source (there is very little supply like this on the open market).

Sustainably farmed in Thailand and Malaysia, no pesticides or chemicals used for your peace of mind when using as an ingredient and serving your customers.

Contact us at sales@buildablend.com for Bulk Discounts (over 200lbs)

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