Organic Peppermint Tea Bag Cut (TBC)

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Organic Peppermint Tea Bag Cut (TBC)



1-5 cases $10.50/lb  (Case 22 lbs )
6-10 cases $9.50 / lb (Case 22 lbs )
or inquire for competitive / contract bid

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Size QTY
1 Case - $231.00

From Kolkata, COO India

We are encouraging our customers to Buy Long:

If you can, we advise you also to buy long. This year has been a hard year for sourcing, and we are only seeing it getting worse. Companies are planning their holiday productions earlier this year, and stocks are drying up faster than the product can come in. Larger companies are shoring up their stocks by buying everything they can get their hands on. We are also seeing blind price increases and erratic pricing happening daily. Price quotes are lasting only 24 hours as supply can be gone in less time than that. We are telling everyone we work with to buy long if you can afford it, buy enough supply to last you into Jan/Feb. Especially your staple ingredients. The more common ingredients are disappearing fast; some of our clients are forced to buy from alternate sources at much higher prices. We are also recommending you place orders for back-ordered items to secure your stock when something does come in. We have seen products sell out in minutes once back in stock due to pre-purchases and a run on the ingredient once arrived. Don’t let your margins erode during the holiday season. Order today! If we can help you find something, let us know. We are here to help.